Escorts in Bayswater, Paddington, Queensway W2

Looking for Escorts in Paddington, Bayswater or Queensway could not be easier now, today. You will experience the profound and distinguished services only offered by the Massage On Top girls. You will also be able to choose erotic, tantric or even full service massage with a a variety of girls available now or even tonight. The exquisite massage girls are based in W2 London and they offer escort incalls near, close to Paddington station and Paddington Hotels. These young and mature girls complete the ultimate fantasy –erotic massage with full service in Paddington and we can see why. They have those awe-inspiring busty assets only too good to be true huge boobs – natural and very bouncy! With their perfect bodies they are the Goddesses created for the ART of Tantra in London, the Uk and are free now. Its exciting to know that alot of them are new escorts…

For all those of you based in the Paddington area or just visiting – you would be mad not to make some time out for these gorgeous ho**ny young massage girls. They have the most captivating seductive smiles with those beautiful big eyes you just know how naughty they really can be….

With Stunning C, D and DD Breasts these Escorts in Paddington are perfect in every way. Based near Paddington station they invite you in for the ultimate seductive massage services now. The erotic activities are mind blowing and they are so excited to erotically rub those painful throbbing areas – bringing clients to those desirable happy endings like no other!

Thats not all, since these sexy girls are so talented they even offer complete tantric massage with FULL SERVICE in Bayswater 24hrs. They are captivating sensual beauties with a sweet cuteness – sexy and feminine. Most of them are well educated and well travelled -always with lots to talk about and ready to make your memorable moments as fun as possible! Our only and all natural Escorts in Paddington are exceptional.

For last minute incalls with full body massage girls in Paddington and Bayswater London, phone us and we will arrange everything – always discreet and private. The Hilton Hotel in Paddington is a prime location for London Visitors and we love sending escorts to the Hilton Hotel tonight. These hotel call girls will be with you in a flash, excited and ready to get hot and juicy…



At this years annual luxury tantric massage and adult services in london awards, MASSAGE ON TOP stole the show and victoriuosly won the London Award with flying colours 🙂 ! At the hosted event in Central London at Mayfairs opulent 5 Star Hotel -we were overjoyed with the ecstatic news about our Premium Visiting Service that always delivers the most magical luxury tantric visits!.

A BIG THANK YOU! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our dedicated clients for your loyalty and for voting for us through the online booking form. We will ensure our escort service and beautiful, not to mention professional luxury massage girls in london, maintain the highest level of exceptional technique always.

A Special mention to the following therapists:

Zara – Popular for her sparkly outgoing personality and incredible all-natural busty figure. She is the one who makes her clients feel warm and seriously taken care of 😉

Sophie – Constant voice messages left from clients praising the superb strokes and techniques involved in the Sophie package. A real luxurious treat and a must while experiencing Londons most saucy and naughty rendezvous….

Ariana – possesses that unbelievable catwalk model body, the ultimate girl of your dreams. She has that ability to really engage in the most exclusive luxury tantric massage affair with her clients and fulfills the deepest most desired fantasies, a 10 out of 10 service every time.

Claire – a highly recommended erotic massage therapist who is constantly praised for her 1940s and 50s movie star looks and hour glass figure. Resembling the one and only Marilyn Monroe. A versatile and flexible escort skilled at tie and tease massage as well as domination services. This erotic therapist just keeps getting better and better!

Adelle – with her cute cupcake baby face, this adorable curvy escort girl is just so sweet and friendly. Not to mention her fabulous natural 30 something D busty breastage –perfect for luxury massage now. This young glamour model is really up and coming as one of Londons most gorgeous escorts 😉

Bianca – has the most perfect busty boobs we have heard and that she is the first choice for a high class massage service in London. Not to mention that she is so sweet and the most friendly GFE.

Karina – really has those movie star looks and really turns heads when she is spotted on dinner dates in and around central London. Karina really is an all rounder and there is nothing she is not good at 😉

Ashley – Superb Young Escort, truly one of the best! This is your girl for the most prolific luxury tantric masage in the Mayfair area of London.

Angelina – has the fittest most toned body you will ever see on a woman! A real gym fanatic, she pays attention to every inch of her body, making her one of Londons most beautiful escorts.

Carla – she has that all amazing hour glass figure that all men truly desire, the ultimate Goddess this girl will knock you off your feet! Carla is an adventurous latin lover and her hot luxury erotic massages are a must when you are in London! Everyone rates her 100 out of 10!

Donna – We have had so many clients telling us how amazing Donnas new photos are and she is getting so much work as one of Londons most recommended escorts! So Exciting for the agency!

Julia – Julia has that curvy feminine body and All natural figure that only dreams are made of. With her beautiful long hair she is the epitome of Venus, the goddess of love! One moment with Julia and you will be under a spell, you wont be able to get enough of this temptress…

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The Sexy Art of Tantra Right Here In London

Tantra: The H*rniest Art!

The thrill of the close intimacy and sex appeal of tantric massage means that it has become the most celebrated sexual art in London. When the body is sensually enveloped by another, especially a beautiful girl, the sensations felt can only be marvelled at! Do you yearn for a more interesting and fulfilling love life? Are you hoping to meet someone into long love making as much as you are? Here at Massage On Top we have become known for introducing lovers to the most exciting tantric massage in London. We will introduce you to the sexiest most skilled love making artist, a goddess, a deity – a true believer in the tantric massage healing powers of body to body intimacy.

There is this belief that tantra sex is some kind of strange, slow magical experiment or pornography and ofcourse we know its not true at all. Its based on a very ancient philosophy, which involves living your life freely and without limits. In other words, tantric sexual activities are not some crazy practice: its all about creating a mutual understanding, mutual healing and in-depth intimacy like never before! The pacifying atmosphere has to be tranquilizing for both man and woman to relax whilst entwined seductively. Access to the tantric massage London art is intrinsic to a higher quality of life.

Deep, Passionate Breathing techniques: Although some may think that the breathing aspect of Tantra is boring it may actually be the key to a hotter sex life! But did you know that simply paying attention to how you breathe between the sheets could be the difference between average and sensational sensual sex? Tantric –inspired breathing techniques will make you feel more tuned in, turned on and give you the biggest orgasm you have ever experienced! At Massage On Top in London our girls will show you the most supreme, magnetic tantric massage skills. They will seductively catch your eyes and hold a tempting gaze whilst you both engage in deep breathing.

Massage table or Bed?: Although a professional table is professionally favoured, for the most intense and erotic thrill, most people prefer to practise tantric on a bed. Masseuses can explore their flexibility and transform into the hottest sex portraying positions to bring clients to extreme orgasmic explosions! The bed does mean more room to manoeuvre erotically and nimbly. Of course it means more exercise and better health! To fortify confidence and prowess learn the most adventurous skills with hot tantric massage in London and you will become a sex god! Female lovers and massage therapists alike will not be able to resist you. Even if you have been with your lover forever, tantra can still be obscure and challenging to do for many couples. It is about intrinsic true lovemaking, so in concept its easy, but in reality it can be tough to fully unwind and let go. There are no quick tricks or techniques that you can master and prolonging orgasm takes practise. How exactly do you redefine lovemaking? Our agency and beautiful therapists will help you truly explore London tantric massage and you will leave with a fresh and excited view about what it is to be a bona-fide lover.

Tips for you and your partner: Firstly simply sit on a bed facing your partner and start off with a long flirting stare. After eye contact is established and maintained, touch your lover wherever you feel. Understand and explore the feeling of skin, come completely into your body. Allow your mind to be still, and then follow your intuition. You might start physical contact, making out or having intercourse. We know it sounds easy, and enjoyable London tantric massages can prepare you for intense extended foreplay with your prospective partner. Its kind of hard to get these techniques right especially for someone who cannot control their urges like scorpios. Dont worry we welcome you to book a massage next time you visit London, our girls will welcome you and make you feel extremely comfortable.



Nude Naked Massage London – Body to Body Girls giving Naked Massages Naturist UK

Body to Body Naked Massages London – I Love Seeing Pu**Y!

Love seeing Pussy? Thats why guys cant get enough of B2B – Body to Body

The main reason why clients love our erotic services. All shapes, sizes, all colours its all about the PU**Y here at Massage on Top. After asking some of our regulars heres what they say.

I love a little pink pu**y, nothing like a little pink wink whilst being pampered by a fair skinned english masseuse.
I have a thing about hot juicy black pu**ies. I really look forward to getting it on with a gorgeous black girl!
The sun-kissed tanned skin of body to body massage girls in London is my thing, great contrast to my pale complexion.

This is what its all about with our stunning girls. Its exactly that, a totally nude full service focused on you the client. Ofcourse we are very discreet here and will keep these wonderful clients names anonymous. If you would like to contribute to this BLOG and give us some feedback about your favourite type of girls intimate body parts, we really want to hear from you.

Only for the best privates intimate viewing of the sexiest hot girls bodies- we recommend booking a hot UK Escort for naturist massage in London right here 😉



Best Full Service Massage in London – Tantra Massage Agency UK

Tantric Massage London Celebrities Who Visit

For those that are new to this sensual art and those that regularly enjoy a tantric experience, your favourite celebrity could be doing it right now! Yes there are celebrities engaging in long tantric massage right here in London right now, as you are reading this. These stars have made it cool and the thought of one of these hot celebs caught in the act is too much for the imagination! It Makes it more exciting and interesting when celebrities we know of are involved. This of course makes the ancient lovemaking technique known as Tantric Massage in London so popular! Especially Massage on Top Tantric Massage in London.

Here are five who frequently visit. Heather Graham first shot to stardom as a porn star, can you remember which film that was? This sex goddess and screen siren knows how to play a Tantric Masseuse perfectly. We know Heather did play yet another porn star in a movie called The Guru. Graham learned about the enticing world of Tantra and in her own words The idea is that you let the whole thing build very slowly until finally you merge with your partner. Our beautiful Tantric Massage therapists in London at Massage on Top Tantric Massage London are certain its going to work for whoever is lucky enough to enjoy with Heather Graham, too.

We cannot go any further without mentioning the King of Tantra! Singer song writing Sting. Along with his wife, he is actually doing Tantra and Tantric Massage in London. This wonderful story about Sting enjoying eight hour marathon Tantra sessions with his wife some say is a joke by friend rocker Bob Geldof. Did he simply spread this joke around? Wish we had friends claiming we did eight hour sessions of tantric massage in London It would make dating a lot easier. Sting himself very shyly confessed that Geldof was making a joke. We reckon this was to save his children from embarrassment. Although you have got to wonder what kind of person walks up to somebody and says Hey I heard your dad can do Tantric activities for eight hours. Is that true? Isnt that really the kind of the thing you hope somebodys kid doesnt know?

Of course on the subject of Sting, the guy who forced himself on Every Breath You Take a well known song is into Tantric massage in London as well. Maybe hes just following his idols lead on everything. Yeah Puff Daddy did Tweet to share how he was attempting a thirty-six hour Tantra marathon and kept us all updated tweeting during the Tantric Massage session. Somehow, we are pretty sure if you can tweet during a marathon sx session, you are doing it very, very wrong.

When Josh Hartnett was supposed to be the next big leading man. We just know that he was but instead he became one of those character actors you see everywhere. He does look for sensual Tantric Massage in London apparently. Oh and by the way he did have a Tantric love making session with Scarlett Johannsen. Apparently Hartnett made this move after being given a book on it for his birthday. Johannsen has not mentioned anything about it since but we are going to assume that someone somewhere is having lengthy sx sessions with Scarlet Johansson.

Picture this the mental image of Tom Hanks engaging in Tantric! Believe us it happened. We tried everything in the medicine and booze cabinets to make this image go away It just made the thought even clearer! Just one statement from his wife about Tantric therapy making a happy marriage. As more and more celebrities become intrigued by The world of Tantric so do more and more of their fans. We hope to keep you updated with all the tantric gossip about Tantric Massage in London and the celebrity world.



Yoni London Massages | male and female services – couples massage duos

Which Tantric Massage Therapist in London Confesses?

My horny Tantric Vagina

As I lay down on my back pillow under my head, excited I watched my partner (giver) spread my legs. This was my first experience of a yoni massage. Yoni in Sanskrit means Vagina. My knees were bent and my vagina exposed for this delightful yoni massage. As my partner began to stroke my vagina in an almost teasing tempting manner, waves of unimaginable sensations began flowing through my body. This erotic position allowed full access to my Yoni.

Relaxation and deep breathing techniques heightened the pleasure! Tantric Massage requires Deep enriching breathing techniques and I remembered how essential the breathing is for heightened orgasm and complete tension release.

My yoni was getting tighter and tighter and I started to scream with pleasure! Don’t stop! Don’t Stop! I moaned with pleasure! My giver was sensual and his delicate massage techniques were perfection. I wanted the passion and touching to keep going and withheld my orgasm right until the very end. My yoni was overflowing like a hot tantric dream by the end. It was shortly after this unbelievable experience I decided to work as a Tantric massage therapist in London.




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