Best Full Service Massage in London – Tantra Massage Agency UK

Best Full Service Massage in London – Tantra Massage Agency UK

Tantric Massage London Celebrities Who Visit

For those that are new to this sensual art and those that regularly enjoy a tantric experience, your favourite celebrity could be doing it right now! Yes there are celebrities engaging in long tantric massage right here in London right now, as you are reading this. These stars have made it cool and the thought of one of these hot celebs caught in the act is too much for the imagination! It Makes it more exciting and interesting when celebrities we know of are involved. This of course makes the ancient lovemaking technique known as Tantric Massage in London so popular! Especially Massage on Top Tantric Massage in London.

Here are five who frequently visit. Heather Graham first shot to stardom as a porn star, can you remember which film that was? This sex goddess and screen siren knows how to play a Tantric Masseuse perfectly. We know Heather did play yet another porn star in a movie called The Guru. Graham learned about the enticing world of Tantra and in her own words The idea is that you let the whole thing build very slowly until finally you merge with your partner. Our beautiful Tantric Massage therapists in London at Massage on Top Tantric Massage London are certain its going to work for whoever is lucky enough to enjoy with Heather Graham, too.

We cannot go any further without mentioning the King of Tantra! Singer song writing Sting. Along with his wife, he is actually doing Tantra and Tantric Massage in London. This wonderful story about Sting enjoying eight hour marathon Tantra sessions with his wife some say is a joke by friend rocker Bob Geldof. Did he simply spread this joke around? Wish we had friends claiming we did eight hour sessions of tantric massage in London It would make dating a lot easier. Sting himself very shyly confessed that Geldof was making a joke. We reckon this was to save his children from embarrassment. Although you have got to wonder what kind of person walks up to somebody and says Hey I heard your dad can do Tantric activities for eight hours. Is that true? Isnt that really the kind of the thing you hope somebodys kid doesnt know?

Of course on the subject of Sting, the guy who forced himself on Every Breath You Take a well known song is into Tantric massage in London as well. Maybe hes just following his idols lead on everything. Yeah Puff Daddy did Tweet to share how he was attempting a thirty-six hour Tantra marathon and kept us all updated tweeting during the Tantric Massage session. Somehow, we are pretty sure if you can tweet during a marathon sx session, you are doing it very, very wrong.

When Josh Hartnett was supposed to be the next big leading man. We just know that he was but instead he became one of those character actors you see everywhere. He does look for sensual Tantric Massage in London apparently. Oh and by the way he did have a Tantric love making session with Scarlett Johannsen. Apparently Hartnett made this move after being given a book on it for his birthday. Johannsen has not mentioned anything about it since but we are going to assume that someone somewhere is having lengthy sx sessions with Scarlet Johansson.

Picture this the mental image of Tom Hanks engaging in Tantric! Believe us it happened. We tried everything in the medicine and booze cabinets to make this image go away It just made the thought even clearer! Just one statement from his wife about Tantric therapy making a happy marriage. As more and more celebrities become intrigued by The world of Tantric so do more and more of their fans. We hope to keep you updated with all the tantric gossip about Tantric Massage in London and the celebrity world.




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