The Sexy Art of Tantra Right Here In London

The Sexy Art of Tantra Right Here In London

Tantra: The H*rniest Art!

The thrill of the close intimacy and sex appeal of tantric massage means that it has become the most celebrated sexual art in London. When the body is sensually enveloped by another, especially a beautiful girl, the sensations felt can only be marvelled at! Do you yearn for a more interesting and fulfilling love life? Are you hoping to meet someone into long love making as much as you are? Here at Massage On Top we have become known for introducing lovers to the most exciting tantric massage in London. We will introduce you to the sexiest most skilled love making artist, a goddess, a deity – a true believer in the tantric massage healing powers of body to body intimacy.

There is this belief that tantra sex is some kind of strange, slow magical experiment or pornography and ofcourse we know its not true at all. Its based on a very ancient philosophy, which involves living your life freely and without limits. In other words, tantric sexual activities are not some crazy practice: its all about creating a mutual understanding, mutual healing and in-depth intimacy like never before! The pacifying atmosphere has to be tranquilizing for both man and woman to relax whilst entwined seductively. Access to the tantric massage London art is intrinsic to a higher quality of life.

Deep, Passionate Breathing techniques: Although some may think that the breathing aspect of Tantra is boring it may actually be the key to a hotter sex life! But did you know that simply paying attention to how you breathe between the sheets could be the difference between average and sensational sensual sex? Tantric –inspired breathing techniques will make you feel more tuned in, turned on and give you the biggest orgasm you have ever experienced! At Massage On Top in London our girls will show you the most supreme, magnetic tantric massage skills. They will seductively catch your eyes and hold a tempting gaze whilst you both engage in deep breathing.

Massage table or Bed?: Although a professional table is professionally favoured, for the most intense and erotic thrill, most people prefer to practise tantric on a bed. Masseuses can explore their flexibility and transform into the hottest sex portraying positions to bring clients to extreme orgasmic explosions! The bed does mean more room to manoeuvre erotically and nimbly. Of course it means more exercise and better health! To fortify confidence and prowess learn the most adventurous skills with hot tantric massage in London and you will become a sex god! Female lovers and massage therapists alike will not be able to resist you. Even if you have been with your lover forever, tantra can still be obscure and challenging to do for many couples. It is about intrinsic true lovemaking, so in concept its easy, but in reality it can be tough to fully unwind and let go. There are no quick tricks or techniques that you can master and prolonging orgasm takes practise. How exactly do you redefine lovemaking? Our agency and beautiful therapists will help you truly explore London tantric massage and you will leave with a fresh and excited view about what it is to be a bona-fide lover.

Tips for you and your partner: Firstly simply sit on a bed facing your partner and start off with a long flirting stare. After eye contact is established and maintained, touch your lover wherever you feel. Understand and explore the feeling of skin, come completely into your body. Allow your mind to be still, and then follow your intuition. You might start physical contact, making out or having intercourse. We know it sounds easy, and enjoyable London tantric massages can prepare you for intense extended foreplay with your prospective partner. Its kind of hard to get these techniques right especially for someone who cannot control their urges like scorpios. Dont worry we welcome you to book a massage next time you visit London, our girls will welcome you and make you feel extremely comfortable.




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