Which Tantric Massage Therapist in London Confesses?
My horny Tantric Vagina

As I lay down on my back pillow under my head, excited I watched my partner (giver) spread my legs. This was my first experience of a yoni massage. Yoni in Sanskrit means Vagina. My knees were bent and my vagina exposed for this delightful yoni massage. As my partner began to stroke my vagina in an almost teasing tempting manner, waves of unimaginable sensations began flowing through my body. This erotic position allowed full access to my Yoni.

Relaxation and deep breathing techniques heightened the pleasure! Tantric Massage requires Deep enriching breathing techniques and I remembered how essential the breathing is for heightened orgasm and complete tension release.

My yoni was getting tighter and tighter and I started to scream with pleasure! Don't stop! Don't Stop! I moaned with pleasure! My giver was sensual and his delicate massage techniques were perfection. I wanted the passion and touching to keep going and withheld my orgasm right until the very end. My yoni was overflowing like a hot tantric dream by the end. It was shortly after this unbelievable experience I decided to work as a Tantric massage therapist in London.