Surrender your senses and give in to the dark side of Tantra with this divine experience.

A central tenet of Tantra is prolonging climax through intensifying cycles of arousal and denial. Your Massage on Top Mistress uses modern implements of BDSM to take the process of prolonged release to new heights.

Sit back, relax and give yourself over to the mischievous machinations of a powerful goddess as she lightly restrains you and begins to creatively touch, titillate and tantalize your senses. A good Mistress is exquisitely in tune with her subject, she knows that exact moment when the precipice approaches - when every fibre screams for release - and wont allow it. Prolonging climax to the end of the session to break through barriers and explore new vistas of pleasure.

If you have never explored the world of submission before, this is a fabulous introduction.