Are you ready to experience unique sensations? Are you seeking forms of pleasure hidden to most? Are you in search of poignant relaxation and cathartic release?

If you answered yes to any of the above then we simply cannot recommend the prostate massage enough. While western culture views the prostate as simply a gland with important physiological functions, other cultures have imbued it with myriad legend and spiritual importance.

The male G-spot, the anal rose, the Sacred Spot and the sexual-pole. All have been used to describe the prostate. This massage starts like any other, with comforting ambiance and soothing touch. Soon though, your MoT expert will gently seek the prostate and massage it, all the while simultaneously tending to your other erogenous areas.

The feeling is unlike any other and can have far ranging benefits. Everything from softening and increasing the flexibility of the pelvic area, an enduring increase in sexual desire and function, to stronger orgasms and heightened sexual pleasure.