Nuru is both the coolest and the hottest craze sweeping the erotic massage world right now. Cool because, at the heart of this unique B2B experience, is copious amounts of a water-based, seaweed infused gel.

Your Massage on Top Nuru expert begins by covering her entire body in the slippy gel while you relax and admire her glistening curves.

Next it’s your turn to enter the semi-aquatic medium of gliding delight as she expertly lubricates your entire person with the Nuru gel - rubbing it in gently at first - then slowly incorporating rhythmic, full body strokes.

The experience is, in a word, epic. Unlike anything else, the Nuru will take you to untraveled vistas of sensation and decadent heights of cathartic relaxation.

Our Nuru ladies have incalls throughout the city so whether youre in Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Chelsea or anywhere else in London, you are sure to be only a few minutes away from a nimbly nubile nymph who cannot wait to ‘gel’ with you in any conceivable way.