For this service we all chant an ancient incantation to evoke the four-hand Hindu goddess Kalika. The destroyer of evil bringing excitement and thrills is available for in and outcalls but has limited availability. This depends on her schedule destroying the forces of evil - bringing about fulfillment of ones deepest fantasies and desires! This service is clearly in high demand!

In all seriousness though, MoTs four hands massage will elicit feelings of heavenly bliss and consciousness altering release. When two of our expert London masseuses team up, something magical always happens… they work hard to synchronize their talents, creating an excruciatingly delightful interplay of tension and release that reverberates through every fiber of your being.

You will be the centre of attention and your body a temple of devotion for 2 immaculate beauties skilled in the libidinous sensual 4 hand arts. Could anything be better?

Four Handed massages are available throughout London at many of our girls incall locations, or turn your hotel room into a temple of delight with a duo dose of magical fingers. Call us today to arrange Duo Masseuses for unbeatable Duo Massages in London.